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Conservative campaign aims to pressure CEOs against 'woke capitalism'

A conservative campaign aims to pressure companies against "woke capitalism" through television advertisements criticizing CEOs who have kowtowed to the agenda of left-wing political activists.

Consumers' Research told CNBC their million dollar ad campaign will target Nike, Coca-Cola, and American Airlines.

"Increasingly we're seeing companies taking their eye off the ball," said Consumers' Research executive director William Hild.

"Our focus is always on the consumer," he added. "And that's what it should be for these companies as well, but increasingly we're seeing them work to curry favor with woke politicians, rather than focusing on serving their consumers."

Nike was criticized sharply by many on the right after they signed Colin Kaepernick, the controversial former NFL quarterback, to a million dollar ad campaign. The conservative effort will pressure Nike CEO John Donohoe to answer for allegations of forced labor in China.

Here's the ad against Nike:


"Congressional reports suspect Nike used forced labor in China," the ad against Nike says. "Religious minorities were ripped from their families, sterilized, sold to factories. Nike made shoes in those same areas."

Coca-Cola faced similar criticism when the company's CEO James Quincy repeated liberal talking points against Georgia's election reform laws. The conservative campaign will target Quincy over obesity in America.

"We're putting these three companies on notice that consumers have had it, and they need to focus on serving their consumers and not woke politicians," Hild told the Washington Examiner.

The ads will run on CNBC, Fox Business and local stations in cities where the companies have their headquarters.

Consumers' Research said it will not disclose how the campaign is being funded in order to preserve the privacy of their donors.

Here's the CNBC report on the campaign:

Conservatives push back on CEOs with 'woke capitalism'