D.C. Doesn’t Just Spend Too Much Money, It Spends On The Wrong Things

Can you imagine China, Russia, or Iran spending trillions of dollars to remove any fraction of the carbon dioxide they’re pumping into the air?

Why Is The New York Times Urging America To Buddy Up With Communist China?

The editorial board’s pro-CCP bias has many causes, but most revolve around profit.

Trump Was Right On Tariffs, And Biden Knows It

President Joe Biden has quietly continued his predecessor’s America-first tariffs.

Threat Of Nuclear War Reminds Us Why Selling Out Manufacturing To China Was A Horrible Idea

For the sake of America’s peace, prosperity, and security, we must refocus and revive our domestic manufacturing industry.

House Votes To Suspend Trade Relations With Russia, Belarus

All actions can be overturned if Russia halts its invasion

Why The WTO Shouldn’t Break U.S. COVID Vaccine Patents

In the coming months, as the WTO decides how to proceed with this controversial decision, they must consider not just the current pandemic but the future of pharmaceutical innovations.

China Accused of Dumping ‘Ultra-Cheap Masks’ Into U.S. Market

American medical manufacturers accused China of flooding the U.S. market with "ultra-cheap masks" and asked the world trade authorities to stop the dumping scheme.

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Joe Biden Defends Supporting China Entering WTO: 'We Want China to Grow'

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden defended his supporting China's entering the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, saying he was not "naive" about the global superpower.