Obama 'still in charge' as White House puppet master

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D.C. correspondent for Blaze Media, Christopher Bedford, has been exploring the dark depths of America’s capital for years — and it’s now the worst he’s ever seen.

Crime has skyrocketed among its residents while politicians live lavishly.

“There’s been about three shootings within a block of my house in the last month, because they’re just not afraid of the police. And it’s not like D.C. or other cities in America have been hit by some massive global depression, it’s not like a real actual disease has swept through and broken down law and order,” Bedford says.

“This is intentional suicide by our city council,” he adds.

However, one politician in particular is doing extremely well despite the city that’s crumbling around him: Barack Obama.

“You know who’s having a great time in D.C. is Barack Obama,” James Poulos tells Bedford.

“You’re not supposed to be living in D.C. and doing whatever he does in that mansion. Violated many, many decades of precedent of 'You're supposed to bug out of town once you’re out of office,'” he adds.

Bedford knows why.

“He’s still in charge,” he says. “He has full access to the White House. He’s holding meetings whenever he wants, he’s on phone calls, and visitors are coming to and from that Kalorama Heights mansion, and I kind of just want to know which aspects of the White House are being run by him.”

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There’s an insidious movement sweeping across the globe, and 'it's the dream of all the wizards, occultists of old, and priests'

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Humans are hardwired for worship. Even people who swear off all religion can’t help but worship something, whether that something is technology, entertainment, or themselves.

“In the absence of any guardrails or authorities they can trust, [people] will start worshiping just about anything,” says James Poulos of "Zero Hour."

Author and writer Joe Allen joins the show to discuss another thing – a particularly dark and sinister thing – that humans have begun to worship: transhumanism.

For those unfamiliar with the term, the Oxford dictionary defines transhumanism as “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.”

There’s a reason this concept has long been explored in the entertainment industry, and it’s not only because the idea has the makings of a great science fiction story; it’s because the obsession with transhumanism is very real indeed.

“I think the motivation behind [transhumanism], the broader worldview behind it, which is essentially a religious worldview – that's what's most important to communicate,” says Allen, whose book “Dark Aeon: Transhumanism and the War Against Humanity” just dropped this past August.

“Many transhumanists, post-humanists, futurist technologists – they would like to see it as some sort of scientific worldview, and it is, but ultimately it's a religious worldview that takes scientific fact and plays forward the historical progression of technology into something like religious prophecy,” he tells James.

“What is [transhumanism], and how do we know it when we see it?” James asks.

“Transhumanism is simply the desire to attain magical power, really, by way of technology,” explains Allen. “It's the dreams of all the wizards and occultists of old and priests, coming into reality by way of technology.”

Allen also explains that it’s important for people to understand that transhumanism has many names. “I think optimalism, futurism, accelerationism – those words will probably be the terms that really describe it going forward,” he says.

“What is being put forth for us as the measure of improvement or optimization?” asks James.

Allen explains that when the term transhumanism was coined back in 1956 by Julius Huxley, a renowned eugenicist, “it was really focused on improving the human mind, the human intellect, [and] human culture” via the classical Greek principles of “strength, beauty, and intelligence.”

However, the movement has since evolved — and not in a good way.

“The machine becomes the standard, so you have all the same sorts of classical principles of beauty, intelligence, [and] strength, but now rather than looking forward to the smartest human, the strongest human, the most beautiful human, you now are looking forward to the strongest, most beautiful, and most intelligent machine,” Allen says.

“People are struggling out there,” says James. “They look worse, their health is worse … sperm counts are dropping, IQ is not doing so good – just kind of across-the-board decline, and so why are we seeing that spread so swiftly and so powerfully at a time when ostensibly the people in charge are trying to boost us up into some kind of superhuman plane?”

To hear Allen’s fascinating explanation, watch the clip below.

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THIS is how political cults and conspiracy theories are born

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When there is zero transparency between the government and the people, cult-like political movements centered on conspiracies tend to form.

No one knows this better than Darryl Cooper, co-host of “The Unraveling” podcast with Jocko Willink.

“People have this sense that something's gone terribly wrong, and they’re hungry for anything that might give them a sense of the history of that process,” Cooper tells James Poulos on “Zero Hour.”

“The idea that the citizenry has a right to be informed so that they can partake in the decision-making process that is, it’s just out the window. I mean that doesn’t really exist anymore and that creates a lot of holes in people’s understanding of the world,” Cooper continues.

He believes these holes are where the conspiracy theories and cult-like political movements begin to crop up.

“Those little crevices of secrecy are where conspiracy theories flourish,” Cooper explains, adding, “and they are flourishing.”

But it’s not a special group of people that fall down these holes and begin to spread conspiracies. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, the lack of trust between the government and the people affects us all.

“You already kind of see it with QAnon and, you know, things like that. I know people personally who — absolutely smart people — who were well put-together who got caught up in that QAnon stuff and lost their minds,” Cooper says.

He believes this is psychologically damaging and incredibly divisive.

“Politics is inherently dangerous,” he continues, adding, “It sets up us vs. them thinking.”

However, with the advent of smartphones, politics and conspiracy theories are at the tips of our fingers, waiting in our pockets to be mulled over and worried about constantly.

“Every day they’re engaged in politics,” Cooper says. “To maintain your equilibrium, you’ve got to be a pretty solid, well put-together person.”

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The historic self-destruction of Vice and BuzzFeed with Gavin McInnes

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Gavin McInnes is constantly trying to figure something out.

“What percentage is incompetence, and what percentage is some grand, globalist scheme?” he asks James Poulos on his new show "Zero Hour" of our political leaders and mass corporations.

"That’s what’s so disorienting," says Poulos, who doesn’t know either.

“The boundary between reality and fantasy or between what’s an op and what’s not is just so permeable,” he says.

“Are you stupid or evil? Because you’re ruining my country,” McInnes adds.

McInnes is now the host of the uncensored podcast "Get Off My Lawn," but his initial dive into the political world was much, much different.

McInnes took interest in politics after 9/11 and reading "Death of the West" by Pat Buchanan, during a time when liberals and conservatives still respected each other.

He co-founded the now leftist magazine Vice and worked with the entire spectrum of political beliefs.

“We weren’t enemies,” he says.

“We had various races of people wearing patriotic clothing and we were like, ‘We’re the new conservatives,'” he continues, “we’re, you know, isolationists and nationalists, and we love this country and that — no one freaked out about that — that would get you canceled today.”

As for the future of the conservative party, McInnes remains hopeful.

“As far as young people in the new right scene, I love Ashley Sinclair and Elijah Schaffer and Sav, and I think it’s a pretty exciting time,” he says.

McInnes believes that Trump has a chance at taking back the presidency despite the charge that has just been brought against him.

“This charge seems like a really big deal. I poo-pooed it at first, but the more I look into it, the bigger of a deal it seems,” McInnes concedes.

“But,” McInnes continues, “I think you can run the country from prison.”

“You can run cartels from prison. You can run sort of corrupt cops from prison. You can run a lot of stuff,” Poulos agrees.

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