Trans kids will be STERILE, 'gold mine of opportunity' for big pharma and reproductive technologies

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Miriam Grossman, M.D., is a psychiatrist who has taken a stand against what she describes as the “religion” of gender ideology. Grossman saw a massive increase in young patients who claimed to have gender dysphoria after COVID lockdowns, when kids were isolated online.

“There is no medical or scientific basis for the idea that you can be one sex in your mind and that be at odds with your physical reality of your body,” Grossman tells Glenn Beck.

“Everything you just said, I just believe. But you’re one of the only doctors left on the hill of sanity,” Glenn says. “What happened?”

Grossman notes that parents and therapists have started to “affirm the new identity, celebrate the new identity, and put the child in the driver's seat.”

“It’s what many, many therapists do these days, and it is what almost all of our mainstream medical and mental health associations are telling us to do,” Grossman says, using the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics as examples of organizations she no longer trusts despite being trained to.

“Kids are indoctrinated with this religion as if they are established facts,” she explains. “They are flooded with this from every angle as they go through the day, and they’re led to believe that these are undisputed facts, and nothing could be further from the truth.”

Not only have mainstream medical and mental health associations done a one-eighty on their previous science-backed beliefs — but they’re ignoring the clear life-altering consequences that come with such a decision.

“They take puberty blockers, they then take cross-sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen and other hormones, and then many of them get surgeries, which are extremely expensive,” Grossman says. “Now, once a young person goes on puberty blockers, almost all of them will continue on to cross-sex hormones, which means they will be a consumer of pharmaceuticals for the rest of their life.”

“Could it be that simple, that it’s money, that it’s Big Pharma that’s really pushing this?” Glenn asks Grossman.

“There’s no question that this is extremely lucrative,” she says. “You have to also consider that we are creating a generation of young people who are sterile.”

If they end up wanting to have biological kids, their only options will be IVF or surrogacy.

“That’s a whole other gold mine of opportunity for reproductive technologies,” Grossman adds.


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