NEW Blaze Originals documentary 'Voter Fraud Exposed: How Elections Can Be Stolen' premieres TOMORROW

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Since the founding, America’s government has been a beacon of success to the rest of the world. Many other countries have modeled their government after the principles instilled in the United States’ Constitution. The American system is based on representative democracy where one person gets one vote.

But the tides have turned.

Not only is the rest of the world watching America teeter on the precipice of collapse, but Americans themselves are rapidly losing faith in our system — especially when it comes to elections.

But this waning trust isn’t due to a flawed system but rather to the flawed people who are abusing and undermining it.

Many Americans believe the 2020 election was rife with fraud and suspect the 2024 election will be, too. But it’s not just Republicans that have called into question past elections. From Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, politicians on both sides of the aisle have claimed stolen elections and voter fraud time and time again.

That’s why Sara Gonzales and the Blaze Originals team headed to Michigan — the highly crucial swing state that completely transformed its election laws after Trump won the 2016 presidential election — to find out what’s going on behind the scenes.

The crew exposes how figures like George Soros are funding secretary of state campaigns and then wealthy nonprofit groups are embedding liberal activists in these offices to facilitate bad policies, such as voting in multiple states, voting without a valid signature or permanent address, and leaving dead voters on the rolls, among others.

Watch “Voter Fraud Exposed: How Elections Can Be Stolen” this Thursday – only on BlazeTV. Subscribe today using the code VOTERFRAUD for $30 off an annual subscription!

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Watch CNN's legal 'experts' embarrass themselves on live TV

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If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past few years, it’s that the media-deemed “experts” in any field are usually anything but.

Now, CNN and The Atlantic are touting “legal experts” J. Michael Luttig and Laurence H. Tribe, who are arguing that Section 3 of the 14th Amendment provides that Donald Trump can be prevented from running for president in 2024.

According to Mark Levin, Luttig and Tribe are, simply put, “two knuckleheads.”

The two published an article in The Atlantic titled “The Constitution Prohibits Trump From Ever Being President Again.”

“The former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, and the resulting attack on the U.S. Capitol, place him squarely within the ambit of the disqualification clause, and he is therefore ineligible to serve as president ever again,” the article reads.

“Of course, these guys used to hate each other's guts, but this is what they come together on,” Levin says, scoffing.

In a segment on CNN, Tribe explains why they believe the Constitution will be what bars Trump from the race, saying that “secretaries of state or other officials” will have to “determine whether, despite his obvious attempt to overturn the 2020 election and engage in insurrection, whether despite that somehow Trump gets to run, the secretaries of state around the country are going to go both ways on that.”

“Whichever way they go, they’ll be challenged in court, and that’ll end up in the Supreme Court, and what it will have to decide is what this language means,” he adds.

Levin notes that while these are the "legal experts" platformed by leftwing publications and media outlets, they’re not the only ones out there. And there are many more who disagree than agree.

“Just so you understand, folks, there are more scholars who say no to this than say yes, but the ones who say yes obviously are promoted by the Jim Acostas and the media,” he says.

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Glenn Beck REACTS to Trump's Fulton County arrest: 'This is just the beginning'

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This was a historical but dark week for America.

For the first time in the history of our nation, a former president has been arrested, fingerprinted, and given an inmate number. Donald Trump’s mug shot has already taken over the internet, with supporters and “haters” alike sharing the photo.

“It was a horrible week for the republic,” Glenn Beck says, outraged by the unprecedented attack on former President Trump.

“You couldn’t humiliate more than they did yesterday. Couldn’t interfere more with an election than they did yesterday. But this is just the beginning of it,” he adds.

Glenn believes that instead of Trump, it should’ve been done to Nixon and certainly to Hillary Clinton for her “espionage-level kind of stuff.”

The “espionage level” Glenn is referring to is when Hillary Clinton was the head of the State Department. Clinton was found to have been taking top secret documents out of a SCIF, intentionally having her staff cut off the top that said “top secret” and then fax the documents to her or send them to her on an open channel so she could have them on a server at home.

“That is a severe crime. Forget about that. Benghazi, forget about that. At some point, people believe that if you’re a D, you don’t have to worry about crime. If you’re an R, you really have to look out,” Glenn says.

Glenn is incredibly concerned as to what this means for the future of America.

“Did you ever think for speaking out, you could be arrested? It’s coming. It’s already happening to some. You speak out against pro-life, you speak out for Donald Trump. Imagine being an attorney for Donald Trump,” Glenn says.

He believes we’re being sent a message, and it’s not a pretty one.

“You’re going to jail. We will bankrupt you. We will destroy you,” he says.

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Former Trump lawyer REACTS to being indicted alongside Trump and other alleged 'co-conspirators'

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Jenna Ellis is a conservative lawyer who served on Donald Trump’s legal team during his time in the White House.

She is also one of the “co-conspirators” who’s been indicted alongside Trump in Georgia.

“What Georgia is saying to those of us who are targeted by this indictment is that if you dare to represent as a lawyer our political opponent, then you deserve to go to jail, you deserve to have your livelihood taken away, you deserve to have your reputation trashed,” she tells Steve Deace.

“Later this week I will actually have to go and surrender to Fulton County Jail and literally become a political prisoner and get arrested because I dared to stand up for a client and because I dare to speak truth,” she continues.

Although Ellis did not foresee herself being indicted, her faith in God remains unshakable.

“This is what God has for me to walk through,” she tells Steve, adding, “I know that people will be watching me as a Christian, and I want to respond rightly.”

“Did you have difficulty acquiring competent counsel that was willing to take on the very system that then may later try to do to them exactly what they're now trying to do to you?” asks Steve.

“I mean, I had people quote to me up to one million dollars just as a retainer fee because this is so high-profile – it's Trump-related,” says Ellis, “and you know, necessarily people have to, unfortunately, take that into consideration of whether representing a lawyer who represented Donald Trump would then be attacked for their own position.”

Unfortunately, that’s not where Ellis’ struggles end. She says some Trump supporters are hoping for her defeat in the upcoming trial simply because she “[dares] to say good things about Governor DeSantis” on occasion.

“I would never want to see the system being weaponized against someone who … represented legally Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden or even Hunter Biden,” she tells Steve.

“Every single person, no matter if you're Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden – I don't care who you are; you deserve competent counsel … that’s the constitutional system in America,” Ellis says.

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Putin prosecutes Navalny– just as Joe Biden is attempting with Trump

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Alexei Navalny has long been the face of Russian opposition to President Vladimir Putin, and now he’s behind bars. The 47-year-old blogger survived poisoning with a nerve agent before being thrown in prison for “extremist” activities.

Mark Levin believes that the way Donald Trump is being treated isn’t much different from Putin’s treatment of Navalny.

“Alexei Navalny was a very wealthy man. Self-made. Not one of these phony oligarchs. And he believed in democracy, and the free press, and he would rally people to these causes,” Levin explains.

Nalvany’s sentence has been extended to 19 years.

“They went in front of a judge appointed by, well, Putin. Much like the judge in the Washington, D.C., case was appointed by Obama,” Levin notes.

“I want to tell you what it sounds like to me, and the parallel between what Biden and Putin have done to their leading political opponent. The use of the state, the use of prosecutors, the use of friendly judges, the use of long sentences, for the threat of long sentences,” Levin says, alleging that Putin and Biden are treating political opposition similarly.

“Biden’s doing exactly the same thing to Trump,” he adds.

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ABC CENSORS Trump's speech: What are they afraid of?

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Donald Trump's speech from Mar-a-Lago was broadcast nationwide, but one network in particular decided to blur out Trump’s podium, which gave the audience a number to text so they could receive official campaign notifications.

On "The News & Why It Matters," Alex Stein had this to say: “It just shows me that the news is obviously fake. I mean, they can’t even show you the real live shot, they actually have to edit it. It’s literally George Orwell’s '1894,' where they can just change the history.”

“This is the wildest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Sara Gonzales.

However, the act of blurring the podium likely attracted more attention than it would have received otherwise.

Another contributor commented, “I think [ABC is purposely attracting attention is] because they need Trump to be [popular]. Trump’s the villain, right? He’s a super villain to them, so they need the guy.”

“There is an alternative,” Gonzales chimed in. “They could just be that stupid.”

Lest anyone think that Donald Trump receives equal treatment in the eyes of the mainstream media, Gonzales displayed a picture of Joe Biden’s noticeably readable podium from his campaign in 2020.

“Yeah, but if you text that it just signs you up for Ben and Jerry’s flavor of the month club,” a commentator quipped.

Watch the full video here:

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Deranged leftists descend on Manhattan

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There has been no shortage of crazy people on the streets of New York after Trump’s arraignment. Sara Gonzales, Chad Prather, and Blake Kresses discussed the insanity on "The News & Why It Matters."

“It’s kangaroo court — banana republic. If we go down this route, we’re doomed … This is about to be really really bad,” Prather said.

“The left’s view is, ‘Well, the Founders aren’t here. This is our country now.’ And it truly is. We’ve [ceded] every institution to the radical left,” Kresses said.

Although a recent poll showed that 70% of independent voters believe that Trump’s indictment was a politically motivated hit job, the hosts weren’t optimistic about the odds of that amounting to any change.

Gonzales chimed in, “We just went through a midterm where we have exposed so much radical ideology. They’re trying to teach all white kids in public schools that they’re racist. They’re trying to groom your children. ... They’re doing all of these things, and you would think, ‘OK, that would be the line. That’s our line in the sand. We can't allow that to happen; we've got to do something else,’ and [independents] still didn’t do it.”

The lunacy of the radicals isn’t stopped by the silent majority, however.

On the divided streets of Manhattan, protesters gathered to support their causes. One particular woman wore whiteface and little else while screaming in the face of reporter Savanah Hernandez.

“F*** white people,” the woman screamed.

The chaos ensuing in New York City shows where the state of our nation will head if the madness is not ended soon.

Watch the full video below:

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