Hunter’s Conviction Is A Fig Leaf To Cover The Biden Family’s More Serious Misdeeds

The verdict 'is functionally irrelevant because the corrupt Biden [administration] has already proven that the entire justice system is rigged.'

Tucker Carlson Tears Into House Republicans For ‘Rewarding’ FBI

‘It was one of the most corrupt things that’s ever happened in our lifetimes in this country’

Jason Smith: New Whistleblower Documents Show Hunter Biden Lied To Congress

Smith says that "Hunter Biden repeatedly lied to Congress ... to distance his involvement in ... a clear scheme to enrich the Biden family."

Tucker Slams Newsweek Smear As Scheme To Restart Government Surveillance

Carlson called the report of his launching a show in Russia "completely absurd," adding that he had "never even heard of this channel."

Whistleblowers File Bold Motion To Intervene In Hunter Biden’s Lawsuit Against IRS

[rebelmouse-proxy-image AM-1200x675.png crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]The whistleblowers make a strong argument for intervention, but the unique circumstances of the case and lack of clearly analogous precedent make it difficult to predict how the court will rule.

FACT CHECK: Viral X Post Falsely Claims Boeing Whistleblowers Were Killed By Alleged ‘Hit Squad’

A viral post shared on X claims John Barnett and Joshua Dean, two Boeing whistleblowers who recently died, were allegedly killed by a “hit squad.” Whistleblowers at Boeing just keep dying right after they start alerting authorities about what is going on at Boeing. Boeing has an amazing hit squad. Extremely efficient and talented. It’s […]

Exclusive: Grassley Demands DOJ, IRS Come Clean About Targeting Hunter Biden Whistleblowers

A review of the underlying court filing submitted by Special Counsel David Weiss in the federal tax evasion case pending against the president’s son confirms Grassley’s charges.

EXCLUSIVE: Rand Paul, Senate Republicans Demand CIA Explain Whistleblower’s COVID-19 Allegations In Follow-Up

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and a group of Senate Republicans sent a follow-up letter Thursday to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) regarding whistleblower allegations that the CIA offered to pay off analysts to change their positions on the COVID-19 lab leak theory. The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the letter, which refers […]